When can I join the classes?

You can start any time of the year you want. Be sure to book your space before coming to a class. You can book your fist class here

What if I show up late? Can I still join the class?

You are required to show up at least 10-15 min ahead of class, as we have a strict no late entry policy. Be here early enough to change and be ready to start class on time, or you will not be let in and will not be refunded for the class you missed.

What happens if I miss a class?

With our booking system you will be able to book your class in advance and cancel it with more than 3 hours before if you aren't able to come. You will be able to book this class in another day of the same month. You have to use all your classes of month in that month, they won't be valid for the next month. Please notice if you late cancel or not show up you will have to pay an extra fee 5€ for S&F class and 10€ for pole, exotic or silk class .

Do I need to be able to dance?

No. You can pole dance even if you've never been to a dance class before. We assume that our absolute beginners have no dance experience at all. We'll teach you all the basics.

Do I need to be strong and flexible?

No. you will build your strength and improve your flexibility over the course of the term. We design our pole dance courses to include conditioning and stretching in each class, to help you to develop your pole skills safely. It doesn't matter if you can't touch your toes or hold your own body weight - after all, you're here to improve!

I have an injured, Can I join the class?

You should talk with your doctore first before coming to class to be sure any of our classes work with your injure.

What do I wear to a pole, silk or hoop class?

For pole dance/fitness class you can wear gym clothes, we recommend you wear shorts and top, we do the class barefoot. As you progress through the levels, you will find that many of the more advanced moves require more skin to pole contact. You should not use any cream or lotion before the class.

For aerial silk class we encourage students to wear clothing that covers the backs of their knees and torso for all aerial classes. This will help avoiding burns caused by friction with the fabric. For strength and slexibility we encourage students to wear leggins and top, to keep the body warm for the stretching part.

How should I pay for the class?

For your first trial class (pole, hoop, exotic) you will have to fill our booking form, we will reply with your access to our system where you can book and pay for the first class.

If you want enroll regularly to our class you can go for the monthly membership option or class package option.

The first payment on the monthly membership option (membership and the first month) should be pay in cash in our studio, for the next months we will ask you a bank account number. If you don't have a spanish bank account you should use a credit card.

The class package option should be pay on our booking system.

What else should I know?

You should NOT wear ANY lotion on your hands and legs the day of POLE class. Sweating will release the lotion back to the surface, and you will be sliding off the pole. Leave your jewelry at home it could cause damage to our apparatuses and you will be held responsible. You will not be allowed to wear it in any of the pole, silks or hoop classes.

If you have any more question you can contact us