Pole Dance BCN

Because the protagonist is you! Every year you have the opportunity to prepare a beautiful choreography with your classmates and present it to your loved ones! It's a fun way to show you everything you've learned.

Photo: The Anniversary 2019

Was established in 2012 with 140 square mtrs of Poles, Aerial Silks and Aerial Hoop, offering the experience of intimate classes. We work to support and empower the aerial dance community by fostering a safe, welcoming and creative space for new and advanced artists to explore and grow.

Was founded by Tania Marinho, pole dancer since 7 year ago, is a certified Pole Dance and Pilates instructor. She believe the best way to get fit and stay in shape is to have fun doing it, also the self-confidence that brings the classes is dificut to find in any other type of exercise

All of our teachers have in common a passion for pole dance, aerials and for passing on their knowledge to their students. We are very patient and encouraging teachers, and we assume no prior dance skills, strength or flexibility when you come for your first class

Our stutendts will tell you one of the best things in POLE DANCE BCN is the atmosphere we are able to create in classes, you will make new friends and have a laugh.

Come and give it a try!!!!! You will love it!

Our Pole Room with 10 static and spining Xpole

Our Silks Room, with 3 silks